Lore – Chapter 14 Page 16

A Wandering Jester

Oh my, I recognize you! But… what are you doing here Jack?

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  1. and JACK IS HERE!
    Oh I’m so loving this. So where to start.First thing first , Jack must of been traveling a long time seeing how he slump against the house and that look on his face . Last page I though his hand was shacking do to the ink bomb going off but it may simple have been him seeing the inn. Seeing as where he is that not follow surprising, I will question what is real and what is not as well. That all said I do like that even though he look tried , he still trying to put on a nice face and being nice with how he is asking his question.

    Beside that he just look great. Really love the pose in the last panel. All so man Akina really did use a lot of ink!

  2. I’ll be honest I forgot about Jack, one of the reasons I’m rereading the story is to figure who the person was in the previous page. It seems that the Jester Knight is canon?! I think I need to go reread his stuff.

    Also is it worth it to make a wordpress account?

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