Lore – Chpt 13 Page 9

The Redhaired Druid

Oh wow. Yeah, this is not the same Eliza that gets herself into trouble.

2 Comments on “Lore – Chpt 13 Page 9

  1. WOOT WOOT!! Magic time for Eliza!
    The best part for me is we finally get to see her use plant magic. Why their been a lot of hint to it this is the first time we truly have seen it. So first I like that you gave some good set up for the spell. She had to chant as well as pour some potion to cast the spell. Unlike other that can simple do it. Next I like how she has a glowing eye why casting it. Then the spell it self was good I really like how you did the root/trunks coming out of the floor. I can she is making the wood floor grow a new. All around I’m just giggling in happens for this page. Look like next week we be seeing Beth turn.

  2. Lets get ready to rock and roll; leaf and branch, ink and stain baby!

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