Lore – Chpt 13 Page 7

Mounds of Clippings

That’s a… grim way to look at it, my man…

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  1. Well going all the way back to the old style where the Marisa in the dagger said she could not even remember how many time they had the dance of Marisa vs Bound Man. I say he easy had kill many many many people. Though I would wonder how many where just Marisa.Any way we get to see more of the mind set of the Order that the people of the book are just ink.Winch is not shocking. What I like is how… much feeling he has show when Paige bring up about his Boundman losing. I have a feeling that some thing she may what to bring up more about so he can lose his cool and making leave a opening. That said she may have to worry as well as what she just said had catch his eye as well.

  2. Wow….now that’s a dangerous outlook. And very protective of his creations as well.

  3. The Boundman is a reflection of him, so when Marisa defeated the Boundman, she beat him. And he just can’t stand that.

  4. He’s so angry that Marisa defeated the Boundman, that he wants to cut her out completely and reduce her to such a minor role that she’ll never be remembered. Really shows you who he is under the calculating exterior he has, wonder if he had something to do with Mordred’s own mindset and view of the people within the book.

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