Lore – Chpt 13 Page 50

Temperament Unyielding

Well… good thing her attacks don’t seem to have an effect on Ohm. She needs to vent a little, I think.

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  1. LOL! Ok I now it the last panels but see how Ohm nicely talk as Paige try cutting off his head . This all so show that yyyeeaaahhh Ohm is god in Lore.
    Beside that I can easy see why Paige is mad but as I said before, Boundman is part of Marisa story so that is her thing to deal with. As for all the other stuff like him attacking them. Well that normal happen when you step in the middle of a fight. Now my question is Ohm going to stop Paige from trying to kill him or just let her tire her self out?

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