Lore – Chpt 13 Page 39

Ripping Through the Pages

Now that’s an attack I don’t imagine Isaiah was planning for! He might need to start taking Paige more seriously.

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  1. Ok so guess the Paige inside the rock dome was a paper clone or the pop was her teleport between the pages or from the way it look she is behind the first panel. Beside that as all was like how you do stuff traveing between the border of the pages. I love how her pen look more like a whip in this form.

    She all so land a very good strike on Boundman(going for the head best place to hit any undead!). We got to see if this was a good idea or not in the coming pages. I say that as we have seen how Isaiah act when Marisa frozen Boundman, I dont really what to think how he act if this does lasting damage.

  2. Ahahaha!
    Take that you old bastard!
    Paige broke your favorite toy

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