Lore – Chpt 13 Page 34

Into the Smoke and Fire

Paige is not playing games, Mister Lorecrafter. Hope your puppet can hold together.

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  1. Paiga use smoke screen !! Is it supper effective? No idea yet but I sure like it so far! Really we now she like using smoke as we have seen her use it to teach Akina a bit in the past but nothing like this so far. As so her pen become a mace or morning star from the look of it. Did not see her as the blunt brute force type but can’t think of a better weapon for a undead lich….. and his puppet. That said the pen part is likely going to be useful for cutting the bonds. All so look like Padga have some red marking on her face as well. So yeah no more holding back I think

  2. As a Wise man who acutally could admit when he fucked up said
    “Overconfidence is a Slow and Insidious Killer”

    • Ahhh Darkest dungeon. Got some of the best lines ever.

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