Lore – Chpt 13 Page 3

The Binding of The Abnormal

Some people don’t want to follow a story and instead make their own… at the cost of what the other story was trying to tell…

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  1. Welll Akina was sure the luck one out of the bunch and good for her to use this chance to ask ever thing she can think of. Even I did not think it will be so nice to here. Winch is sort of funny as when she speak of Marisa it is by far from any thing close to being nice .Most of all turning her into a slime to be kill by some walker by. The last bit that got me smiling is Marisa being call a background character .I remember her story was the first ever one to be done and why this is not Lore canon. I remember a
    Lore Characters sheet that make her seem one of the three big characters. https://www.deviantart.com/dragon-fangx/art/Lore-Characters-Keeper-of-Lore-Akina-456463638 . So yeeaahhh I’m feeling some one lieing to them self to make them feel better.

  2. Well why? The natural order of things is to grow and evolve…who would wanna stifle that?…oh yeah.

  3. Yea this really sounds like Isaiah is being a child to me
    Espically with how he apparently wants to make Marisa into extreme background roles
    Despite the fact she had a important role as the Granddaughter of a Certain Knight and Brother to a Certain Dragon Warrior
    It’s clear he’s a hypocrite
    Even more so then Mordred may be

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