Lore – Chpt 13 Page 19

Not Fast Enough

Oh shoot! Quick, get some bandages! Or an ink vial!

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  1. Well I did not see that coming. 😨
    Before for all that I really like the shuuu stop. Really nice work on that with the dust cloud and her pose. I all so like how Marisa is looking at Akina as she is…ok I dont now what she is doing but I agree with Marisa look.

    Then we got to the big scenes to the page. First well done with all that. The way that we see a bit of ….was going to call it blood but I guess just Beth be better..dripping down her side before her arms and legs begin to give out and then we see the full wound . Her face is trying to be brave but she now she is fuck as well. Then we got the other three and their faces of horror and worry as they see her. So golf clap for you on the drawing side.

    That all said not really feeling any thing as well. First we did not see how Beth got hit and I feel that all was less the blow as it bring up question of how.Like why was her shield not hit as well? Then you have Akina with all this ink from a thing that use it to heal it self and make copies. All so going by the little she had said , I feel she cant simple let it lose or Maiden will just come back.Though looking back at all I just write maybe I’m just talking so I dont think about Beth may just really die.(nervous bite finger tip)

    • Looking at the previous page, I think we might have actually seen Beth getting hit in the first two panels

  2. Well Akina has all that Ink, I suggest you use it. Though hopefully you don’t destroy yourself in the process

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