Lore – Chpt 12 Page 8

‘Meeting the Partner’

And the mascot of the inn makes her debut. Just as cute as ever.

4 Comments on “Lore – Chpt 12 Page 8

  1. and she is here!! Well she is as cute as ever. Though all ready fear we get another cute off sooner or later. Let see new thing are she has a lot more hair winch look cool as it look like it made of paper winch I feel is the point and that necktie is a nice touch as I have seen a lot of lantern with thing like that I all so really like the flames that follow behind as she moves. Last thing I like the most is Akina new earring. I hope she get to keep that after all of this is said and done.

  2. I always thought ryuna was to be developed more, but she never got the chance. Glad she finnaly gets her spotlight.

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