Lore – Chpt 12 Page 1

‘Getting Down To Business’

Eliza has really learned to take things in stride. I don’t think Paige is a fan of that mentality.

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  1. Aawww this is such a sweet page after ever thing that happen at the end of the last one chapter. :smiling_face_with_3_hearts: So Eliza and Beth have not change from the editing of the Unicorn yet. That said it I see you had taking the time to add some of their new look to this forms and I FREAKING LOVE IT!! Eliza have all was look good with that little buckteeth she has going on and making her scar stand out more put more weight to what happen that night when her Father hit her. Then we have those cute round nose of theirs. Really just look lovely on them. For the writing part. I could not help by smile at Eliza asking to be help down and for some one to find her earring .Paige comment to that was just priceless. Beth was all so just as good. Even though she seem quiet and just follow, I do love that she poke fun at Eliza when she earn it. Eliza just take this all on the chin like the champ she is.

    Any way for the last panel we see what I take as Akina freaking out about Marisa and what some answers. (rub hands together) That goes to be real fun. OH! We all so got Summer this page along with a friend(I for got that one name) watching the show.

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