Lore – Chpt 11 Page 18

‘Small Events… caused by Small People’

Eliza… how… just… HOW!? How do you have this power!?

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  1. LOLOLOL!!
    I now this is at the end of the page but you just got to pat Akina on the back . Just when you think she get some training or real talk about her power. In come the Trio with some of their wonderful luck. Or to be more on point Eliza bad luck. What to make a joke that what she get for being so top heave and leaning out a window. At lest some thing stop her from hitting the ground. Looking on the bright side there. I do wonder how Paige was going to finish her line in 5 panel as it sound like she was more comment at Beth and Marisa then say Eliza. Even though the two did do the right thing and asking for help. Any way two more thing. Paige telling Akina to start dinner but in page 9 it was just morning. Did they really take all day to talk about this ?! Those centaur likely made a freaking mess. Last thing is….I JUST love how that made Marisa think Mmm food with ever thing going on. Got to love that girl and that cute belly of hers.

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