Lore – Chpt 11 Page 16

‘All We Have Are Theories’

Even Paige is at a lose on what to do next. Guess she’s still got a lot to learn too.

3 Comments on “Lore – Chpt 11 Page 16

  1. Hehehe I can match Akina face and thought in the first panel…..though out the page really. So happy to see her asking all of the thing I would be asking as well. Nice to see that one drawing of Beth breaking into piece again. Nice may be not the right word as I did forget how painful that look. With Paige going over the details even more so. I can start to see why Magnus is so powerful, going though such a thing as a written(nice name for them by the way) and if you make it though all of that some what in one piece. Make scent that you end up as a very powerful Lorecrafter. “What does not kill you make you stronger” and all that. Beside that I did laugh at the theorycraft comment as I feel I now some people that will do just that. XD

  2. Wow lots of good info plus it was nice to see the Beth picture again.

  3. Theorycrafters are so misunderstood nowadays.

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