Tales – The Owl’s Quill

The Owl’s Quill

Within the long hallways of the library, you find yourself browsing through an older section of the records hall, just trying to keep yourself awake as you work on cleaning the cob webs from the shelves.

As you near one one shelf, your rag knocks over a small, thinly wrapped manuscript – protected by a teal dyed leather sheet and twine cord with a single ruffled feathered tied to it. Curiosity grows and you undo the manuscript, curious to what lay inside…

I hope you enjoyed this first attempt at just a short form story with a bit of a different art style. There’s some stories tied to or inspired by the world’s crafted that I wish to tell and I hope this first tail gives a good introduction to what those might look like.

Today’s story was more a metaphorical version of my personal journey – from creating Lydia to writing Lore to finally the creation of this website. I wanted to try making a more ‘fairy tale’ style story and this was what came to mind. A befitting title for the first of what I hope to be more.

~ Thank you for reading. ~

2 Comments on “Tales – The Owl’s Quill

  1. This was a very beautiful little story. You did a great job, both with this and everything else that you had done so far. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Bravo, Bravo, such mastery of pose.

    I felt like saying something fancy

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