Starrweald – Umbra Ruler – 1

The Umbra Ruler

Well, this is different. Twin Royas? Yet only one can become queen. Wonder how this will play out.

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2 Comments on “Starrweald – Umbra Ruler – 1

  1. Look like the next queen is the shadow one. I like that she is quiet shy type. That may scent to me. All so I like how in the very first page we got the reason why she wear the mask. We could have guess do to the old style but this help incase you never read that one. Really so far I love how the queens have each act.

  2. Oh boy they both got in and it went from bad to worse in their relationship somewhere down the road. Poor girls.

    Now all that’s left is the first Roya, the lady of the Sand, and the Empress of the Battlefield.

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