Starrweald – Royal Cook – 1

The Steward’s Daughter

And here we have the 6th Roya of the… well, I was going to say royal line but something seems to be different this line…

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3 Comments on “Starrweald – Royal Cook – 1

  1. LOL!!Ok I said this before but I really love this style of writing for Starrweald. It just some thing new and it fun to get more into the character head.Oh boy was it fun to get into her head. First I love how she is ….new to a lot of this. Like she keep getting side track and forget. It show her more common roots. All so I love the thoughts of food

  2. What the crap, wait where have I seen her hair color before?

  3. My question is what line lead to this Roya? Or is this a Roya that was only from Starweald

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