Starrweald – Lady of the Sands – 1

Life in the Dunes

And finally, we’ve saved the wildest of the Roya’s for last, as Najima arrives!

2 Comments on “Starrweald – Lady of the Sands – 1

  1. Hurrah. 🎉🎊🎉 We finally get this Roya. I admit I like the reworked picture.

  2. and the last queen have arrived! Really so happy to finally have all of the Roya queens to have a page. It funny that she was the second stone done but the last page to be done .
    Agree with what she says about actions , though why word can be…cheap, action are trick to say the lest. Beside that bit , I do like the recap of how this version have life. It a good show on what the same and what is different.Plus like Nemo, I fully agree Najima is so cute as a little kid.

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