Starrweald – Beastly Beauty – 2

‘Mr Laughtell was more than happy to teach me around the alchemist fire!’

Learning a Different Form of Magic

Well now, this gnome is a bit different but I can see some

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2 Comments on “Starrweald – Beastly Beauty – 2

  1. I really love how this Roya look younger. I can easy tell it her. She all so look cute in the bottom page. All so I like how her bother hand magic but that did not stop her and she went to adding some brain to her looks. When a door close a window open come to mind.

    We all so got a new gnome! He look great and I love his outfit.Story wise, I do like do to having no magic ever one thought she will not be queen. I really like that. Plus her self thinking “Ok I just learn potion” show she all ready got a brain in that pretty head of hers

  2. Finally a new Starweald, I know not everyone likes these, but I love trying to connect how each Roya is similar to our original, and how different things are.
    Like the different universes of JOJO, where you see counterparts to the people you know and new faces.

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